Journaling: Pursue Passion on Paper

by GABBIE KEERAN, CSU Public Relations Intern


Writing is a passion of mine. 

Being able to express my feelings that are trapped in my brain which then escape to a piece of paper is fascinating to me. Staying connected with my mind helps with anxiety and stress of the busy college student that I am.  

I feel the need to write down how I am doing in a journal that I keep by my bedside. Journaling provides a sense of comfort to me in the way that it makes me feel at home. It allows me to check in with myself and to remember that there is always good coming, despite the bad that happens along the way. 

A journal can be anything you want it to be, be imaginative! Some types of journals include keeping a dream journal, a gratitude journal, a food journal, or just one to write down everyday thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t matter what it is, all that matters is that you’re having a relationship with your mind. 

Entry from 1/13/21:

I am feeling really good so far this week! I started off strong with getting organized by planning out my week. I am setting daily goals for myself that I want to achieve to not fall behind. I have been working on myself, physically and mentally. I started to practice yoga again and that felt really good. This helps calm my mind and restore my body. I want to continue this week with good vibes to keep up the positive energy. Despite the energy that may not be in my favor, I am going to make the most out of today, and out of the rest of this week. Remember, – live and let live. 


Gabbie Keeran is a CSU Public Relations Intern and a senior studying Mass Media with a minor in Marketing at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Gabbie is from Prior Lake, MN and has a passion for journaling, practicing yoga, and traveling. She hopes to pursue a career in marketing and communications after graduation.

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