Registration? What Do Students Have to Say About the Process?

by ANGELA MURPHY, CSU Communications Student Public Relations Assistant

Every student has to register for classes, but sometimes our advisors don’t understand how we feel. I reached out to students to take a survey so we can know more about how students feel about registration. Below are common responses and more from this survey.

When asked if students speak to their advisor these are the overall responses

We asked on a scale of 1-10 if speaking to your advisor is helpful or not.

When asked about what students wish they got out of advising this was their most common response.

When asked what was frustrating about registration these were the most common words from our students.

Most students surveyed wished to stay anonymous. Here were some of their full responses.

A junior in the Nursing program stated “I wish that the advisor I have assigned to me wasn’t just the general advisor for all of the nursing students. I feel like when I contact her that she’s too busy or has too many people to attend to that she can’t give me her full attention.”

A junior studying Construction Management stated, “I do not speak to my main academic advisor. My multicultural advisor and the administrative assistant within my program helps to answer any questions. I wish my advisor would actually talk to me.”

A sophomore studying Elementary Education stated, “It’s frustrating when everyone has a different registration window. for example, this year mine, I believe, is Nov. 14, when a lot of sophomores I know are around Nov. 11. I think this is due to the fact I have fewer credits.”

A freshman studying Nursing stated, “I wish they were helpful and helped plan my schedule so I can achieve my goals.”

Jack, a Political Science major stated, “I wish my advisor reached out to me about my classes and gave me helpful information. I wish my registration window opened earlier. I also wish there was a way for students to communicate with each other regarding classes.”

Madison, a Human Resources major, stated “I wish it was easier to make appointments that fit into my schedule”

A sophomore studying Nursing stated, “There are many classes that you have to take in a certain order and then you are left with a large class load and it is hard to balance work and school and social life.”

A Social Work major stated, “I wish there were more connections and engagement. Even with switching my major a few times, I never felt like I connected with my advisor. At times, I wouldn’t even know who my advisor was. Overall, I think making that time to get to know your advisor and your advisor get to know you helps to not feel so alone and lost. Also, I feel that if you do not reach out to your advisor first, then it’s almost as if they will not either. So, again, it is also the student’s responsibility to take the initiative and ask for help if needed.”

A sophomore studying Biology stated. “Classes interfere with other classes. You also only get one class time for a required class and if you have another required class at the same time you have to pick which class to take.”

These were just some of the many responses we received in our survey. We can see a common theme within these students. We do have some resources for students who are struggling and might need help but don’t have time to meet with an advisor.

The first is MNSU class schedule builder, this helps students figure out what times classes are at and how to make the most out of their schedule. I personally use this and it has helped me every semester.

The next is checking your e-services under the registration window. One of our most common comments from students was not knowing how to register and when they can. This is also where you can view what classes are available this spring.

If you still want to meet with your advisor you still can! Use MavConnect to see when your advisor has times for you. It is easy and simple. You can meet with them in person or online with zoom.

A quick reminder for students e-services will be down Friday from 6 p.m. until Sunday at 6 p.m. this weekend. If your registration window opens Friday get it out of the way before e-services goes down.

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