Rose Parade in PJ’s

by ALEJANDRO REYES VEGA, CSU Public Relations Assistant 


The Rose Parade is famous and known worldwide. I always dreamt of going and seeing the floats up-close, however, my family never vacationed in California, or at least not until we moved. 

My first experience at the Rose Parade was very different than most because my family moved to Pasadena. Most people see the event through their TVs, but we got up early and walked just past the highway underpass which didn’t take long. We were all in our PJs as we approached the crowd all spectating the intricate mesmerizing floats. 

Each one was so different with so many different colors and details. Some of them had moving parts, others had animals or interesting features, and they were all decorated entirely with seeds, flowers, and plants. Nothing artificial is allowed to be used to decorate the floats. However, this fact wasn’t obvious, and I didn’t realize it until after the parade. 

Our new house happens to be one of the streets that are used to park the floats after the parade, so it gets locked in and left with only one exit at the opposite side of the community. To compensate, we received free passes to the post parade that allows you to closely examine the floats. This is where I noticed the incredible amount of detail and work that goes into each float, and the craziest part is that they are decorated right before the parade to ensure that everything looks as vibrant as possible. 

The post-parade also features many different food stands, events, and attractions. Normally people have to pay for passes, but my family and I got to witness it all for free because of the location of our new home. We couldn’t believe our luck, and it made our New Year that much special. 

Going to the Rose Parade has always been on my bucket list and I got to experience it in my PJs along with the Post Parade for free. After my first year, we continued to attend and receive free passes. Now that it is getting colder and snowier, this memory continues to come to mind and bring warmth and happiness. 

These are some of my favorite floats that I have seen over the years. I hope you enjoy.


Alejo is a student at Minnesota State University, Mankato, born and raised mainly in Venezuela. Having had many opportunities to travel, explore, and go on a variety of adventures. Alejo’s Mischievous Adventures captures some of those exploits.

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