RSO of the Month – Mental Health Mankato

by TRAVIS GERLACH, CSU Public Relations Intern


Mental Health Mankato is a new RSO on campus. Their first meeting was in Spring 2019.

“The original idea was providing a platform for myself and other students to help with the stereotypes and culture around mental health. A safe space for themselves and other students. Also, to provide health education,” said Seth Nilsen one of the founders of Mental Health Mankato.

The next Mental Health Mankato Meeting will be Sept. 26

We asked Mental Health Mankato a few questions about their RSO:

Mental Health Mankato Tabling in the CSU
  1. What is your RSO?

MHM is an RSO that is attempting to create a culture here on campus and in the community that is appreciative of the difficulties and nuances of mental health primarily in the college atmosphere. We also emphasize the importance of education and activism.

2. What do you do, what makes you special, what do you have to offer?

We have a couple of different projects that we work on to pursue those goals of education and activism. We work with the GEM project as well as with courses like the Mental First Aid Class. We also bring in speakers to our meetings to talk to members about their respective specialties.

3. Do you have to apply, how selective are you, do you target a specific audience?

Absolutely not! We are excited to add as many voices to the pot as possible!

4. What is your ultimate goal?

To encourage better discourse here on campus. Without a conversation on the serious effect of mental illness in our community, we risk a whole lot. Stigma is really damaging and we want to attack that here in Mankato.

5. How many members do you have?

Currently, on Engage we are sitting at 25 members.

6. How many years have you been at the University?

This is going to be our second semester officially off the ground!

7. What other Universities have your organization?

None. When Seth and Alex came to my dorm floor they came with an independent idea to help our community tackle a pressing issue. That’s not to say that other communities aren’t working with mental health in their own capacities of course!!


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