SAMUEL OLUWADOROMI: Life Through The Camera Lens Helps Fulfill College Career

Samuel Oluwadoromi and his BEST Board quote: "You discover the new, you improve the existing and you let go of the unwanted - that's life. Always stay true to yourself."
Samuel Oluwadoromi of Logos, Nigeria, is a Computer Information Technology major who found fulfillment through Leadership U and the Fashion Photography Club. He was also a member of the Centennial Student Union building operations student staff.

Posted April 22, 2020


Using your own experience, what advice for personal fulfillment and college enrichment would do you offer to fellow students?

SAMUEL:The advice I would give for personal fulfillment and college enrichment is for students to get involved with something they love and have passion for. This the only way you would enjoy what you do and be able to achieve personal and professional growth. Also, you have to always be open to changes, but also learning not to compromise your morals and values. Just stay true to yourself and who you are.”

We often get asked, “How do I get on the BEST Board?” What do you think helped earn you your BEST Board distinction?

SAMUEL:I believe what helped me get on the Best Board is simply always trying to do the best or achieve the best in everything I do, without worrying about recognition or appreciation.

Why did you pick the quote used on the BEST Board? Please provide some background.

SAMUEL: “You discover the new, you improve the existing and you let go of the unwanted – that’s growth, that’s life. Always stay true to yourself” I did pick this quote for life is all about growth and changes. We are creatures of habit and sometimes changes can be difficult, but it is important for us to understand that change is part of life and growth. As we build memories and gain experiences, there would be new things we pick up and they are things we let go of. All we need to remember is the importance of staying true to oneself.

What involvement or leadership experience at Minnesota State Mankato best defines you, your interests, or your proudest moment? 

SAMUEL: “My proudest moment at Minnesota State Mankato would be my involvement with the Fashion Photography Club (FPC) and Leadership U. FPC was the very first RSO where I felt at home. During my time at FPC, I was able to push my limit and break from my comfort zone. My proudest achievements are the fashion shows, photoshoot sessions and modeling competition I was able to plan and organize with the help of my outstanding fellow board members and awesome members of the club. Leadership U is an organization I love and enjoy being a part of. Being a part of the organization has helped me to grow professionally and personally. I have been able to practice and improve my public speaking skills as well as learn some other great leadership skills. I will always remember and appreciate the annual leadership retreat.”

Where do you hope to take your college education earned at Minnesota State Mankato?

SAMUEL: “My career aspiration is to take the education earned and the skill learned, find a way to blend my passion with my degree and pursue a career in this. The best jobs are the ones you love and enjoy doing, this is the way you can be most productive in whatever you end up seeing yourself doing.”


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