Share your Voice for Women’s History Month

Share your voice for Women’s History Month in March. The Women’s Center is focusing its “Crafternoons” session on a magazine–or in this case, a Zine. “Zines’ are sort of underground magazines where artists and activists come together to express their thoughts and feeling about a specific topic. In this case: bodies,” says Liz Steinborn-Gourley, Women’s Center Director. “There’s a lot for us to talk about as women’s bodies are policed.” 

She adds that one needs only to look at the headlines. “Women, Life, Freedom movement in Iran, the prohibition the Taliban are imposing on women and girls in Afghanistan from attending school, and the ongoing proposed legislation against gender affirming health care and reproductive health care along with continued violence against women with Black and Brown bodies, and the way we ignore disabled bodies in the United States.

A zine will give us a focal point for issues that are hurting women. It can also be a celebration–ways our bodies show up for us, are something to celebrate!”  Anyone is welcome to participate–artists, poets, writers, photographers, and editors! On Feb 7 & 28 those interested can attend a workshop in CSU 218 from 1 to 2 p.m. On March 14 come finalize submissions at the same time and location. 

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