Sixth Annual Foam Party!

by: Afure Adah

Hey Mavericks! On September 8th from 8:00PM-11:00PM, The Students Event Team will be hosting the 6th Annual Foam Party at the CSU Loading Dock! This year the Foam party goes along with an Afterparty, 9:00PM-12:00AM that will feature giant outdoor Mario Cart on the Nintendo Switch, inflatables, a photo-booth and free food! Who doesn’t like free food?!

My freshman year I went to the Foam Party and honestly was not entirely impressed, but I still had a good time and made fun for myself. I think I was more worried about not getting my hair wet. But I have heard from multiple people that it has gotten better over the past three years. There are going to be more foam machines this year, neon paint and a live DJ!

Students are required to wear shirts, shoes/sandals and shorts (or pants). A little tip, wear a swimsuit under your clothes because they will most likely get wet. The Student Events Team is kind enough to provide students with a plastic baggy to protect their phones and other valuables. So NO EXCUSES!

Get out to the CSU Loading Dock this weekend everyone! Have fun and meet some new people!

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