Sometimes the Heaviest Weight Can Be One’s Own Insecurities

by BLAKE PIESCHKE, CSU Public Relations Intern


I have always had fears of being judged by people I don’t know. When I see people stare or laugh while looking in my direction, I always assume that I did something wrong and that is what they are referring to. This affected my first experiences in the gym.

I had little knowledge about lifting weights and proper form. I would choose to go to the gym later in the day to avoid seeing people and getting judged for being new and inexperienced. Also, I chose to go to a smaller and less popular Snap Fitness facility to help deal with these challenges. I realized that these insecurities were going to hold me back and I would go nowhere.

To help cope with my fears, I asked a friend who had a little more experience than me to come with me at night. It was nice to have someone there to help and give feedback. It helped me expand my training routines from the few basic ones I knew.

As I got more comfortable going by myself, I felt I was ready to take a few more steps. I started researching more exercises and how to properly do them. YouTube, Instagram and Google are all great for helping educate beginners.

A few weeks later, I decided to go to the bigger facility in a nearby town by myself. I was able to walk in and feel less intimidated even though there were people twice my size. This is where I had what you could consider an epiphany. I began to realize that even people like Arnold Schwarzenegger had to start somewhere and didn’t magically become a bodybuilding icon.

If you or someone you know go through these same challenges, I strongly encourage you to reach out to someone for help and spend the time to properly educate yourself.

After all, other people’s opinions shouldn’t be what you worry about the most. The only opinion that should ever matter is your own opinion and that you are happy with yourself.

Blake Pieschke is a CSU Public Relations Intern and a senior studying Mass Media at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Blake is from Glencoe, MN and has a passion for sports, fitness, and the outdoors. He plans on pursuing a career in sports journalism when his college career is over.


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