Student Employment on Campus

by TRAVIS GERLACH, CSU Public Relations Intern

Looking for a job? Have you tried looking for a job on campus? Minnesota State University, Mankato offers lots of jobs for current students and is a great way to make some extra money between classes. Also, since your employers know that you’re a student, there won’t be a problem with scheduling you too much or over any of the classes you have.

That’s because of the University time-limit rule. During the semester you aren’t allowed to be scheduled more than 20 hours per week. Giving you enough time to balance work life with your school life.

Work-study is another way you can earn money on campus. Work-study is granted through financial aid.

Work-study is federal financial aid and only available to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. As a J-1 student, you are not eligible for a work-study position and should not apply. Look for positions listed with an “hourly student rate” or for “student labor

Minnesota State University, Mankato

CSU Student Employment

The CSU employs hundreds of workers every year. There are a lot of departments that the student staff help in. Communications, Community Engagement, Student Activities, CSU Administrative Desk, Maverick Bullpen, and CSU Operations are just some to name. It’s important to take advantage of employment in the CSU as it gives you very valuable experience no matter what major you are going into. You can look into open and future positions on Handshake.

There are also a lot of benefits for international students who work on campus. One of them being the cultural contribution scholarship. By being in good standing with the university and completing the required number of contribution hours you can get granted one of these scholarships. All new undergraduate students are automatically awarded the Cultural Contribution Scholarship, which allows them a savings of more than $7,000 per academic year in tuition. For more information on the scholarship, you can visit the Kearney Center for International Student Services.

Students often have questions about working in the United States. Opportunities are limited due to immigration regulations, so it is important that you understand laws for your visa type.

F-1 Student Visa Holder

As an F-1 student visa holder, you may be eligible for employment throughout your academic program and beyond. From working a few hours each week in the library to landing a position with a firm after graduation, you will find the information you need to stay-in-status regarding employment on your F-1 visa here.

J-1 Student Visa Holder

As a J-1 student visa holder, you may be eligible for employment throughout your time at Minnesota State Mankato. Whether it is an hourly paid position in the library or academic training, you will find the information you need to stay-in-status regarding employment on your J-1 visa here.

The rules and regulations pertaining to employment for F-1 visa holders are complex. Before accepting any employment AND before working, please discuss your options with an immigration advisor. Unauthorized employment is very serious and will negatively impact your F-1 visa status. Your F-1 student visa permits you to work on campus at the university that issued your I-20 while you are enrolled in a full course of study. Your MSU, Mankato I-20 is your proof of work eligibility for on-campus employment at MSU, Mankato only. You must maintain F-1 status to be eligible for this employment benefit.

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