Student Fee Referendum Passes By 16 Votes

Omar, Trenne Win; Inauguration April 17

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Passing by a 16-vote margin, students Tuesday supported a 4.9 percent increase to the Student Activity Fee in a Student Government ballot that included selection of Anisa Omar and Andrew Trenne with Empowering Mavericks as the incoming president and vice president.

2019-20 Student Government President Anisa Omar and Vice President Andrew Trenne.

Voter results for the referendum were 715 votes for the fee amendment and 699 opposed.

The passed amendment increases average student fees from $8.36 to $8.77 per credit hour effective in Fall 2019. Student Activity Fees support a range of programs including busing, student activities, theater and dance, multicultural student activities, and international student activities.

By more than twice the combined votes for the remaining two candidate tickets, Omar and Trenne received 1,044 votes to assume Student Government leadership for the 2019-2020 academic year. Other candidates on the ballot included Kayla Erickson/Logan Dahlk with Maverick: United As One, and write-in candidates Lindsey Leonard/Nick Krekelberg.

The Empowering Mavericks ticket had candidates in most senate races and all but swept the election. Elijah Calderon-Pitchford with Mavericks: United As One was named to one of two senator spots for the College of Allied Health and Nursing. Julia Nellis with Mavericks: United As One was named to an Off-campus Residents seat. Alejandra Bejarano was elected by write-in ballot for College of Graduate Studies. Appointed requires candidate’s acceptance.

Empowering Mavericks earning senate seats include:

College of Allied Health & Nursing: Gretchen Bygd

College of Social & Behavioral Sciences: Shayla Schumacher

Student Body At Large: Arnavee Maltare and Mohammad Sajal

College of Science, Engineering & Technology: Avishek Pradhan, Samikshya and Bishal Patel

College of Arts & Humanities: Olivia Schmidt and Paige Johnson

College of Business: Fadumo Mohamed and Toun Shokunbi

Off-campus Residents: Khaled Souleymane, Andrew Weinzierl, Janet Somah, Fatima Bana, Sneha Bhusal, Agol Akot, Rakhi Karki

Residential Life Residents: Alexander Prom, Sophie Hoiseth, Nolan Bessler, Emma Zellmer, and Jaydon Dickey

Newspaper Board: Jonathan Fjeld

Centennial Student Union Board: Arnavee Maltare and Jaydon Dickey

Inauguration for Omar, Trennen and the 87th Student Government Senate is set for Wednesday, April 17, at 5 p.m. in the CSU Hearth Lounge.

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