Student Political Groups Weigh-In on Midterm Elections

by: Alejandro Reyes Vega, CSU Communications Student Assistant

Elections are just around the corner and it is important to step back and take a look at which candidate represents your values and goals the best. We asked the College Democrats and College Republicans two questions each to get some thoughts and opinions on the upcoming election. Our questions were as follows:

  1. What’s at stake with this year’s election?
  2. Why should people get out and vote?

The president of College Democrats, Emma Fuhrman, had this response,

  1. “There are many things at stake in this years election. For one, this will evaluate who will run Minnesota for the coming years. Our future leaders will use their voice to advocate for the people of Minnesota. We want someone who will represent our core beliefs and values. The College Democrats view our public education (k-12 and university) budgets at risk of getting cut, decreased diversity, action against women’s choice with regards to reproductive health and the imminent destruction of our environment as some key issues. For MSU students, this election is particularly important, as the Minnesota government sets tuition rates for our university.”
  2. “People should get out and vote not only because it is their civic duty, but also because it will set a precedent for the incoming generations. Millennials have fairly low turnout rates in elections, which is surprising given the current political climate. The most important reason for people to get out and vote is that things need to change. Voting is one of the simplest things one can do to initiate change on a local, state and national level.”

The president of the College Republicans, Aaron Eberhart, had this to say,

  1. “The future of America is at stake. The Democrats want to be elected to resist the President.  Republicans are running to support the President and keep the country moving towards how the Constitution outlines it to be run. The Republicans have a track record of lowering health care costs and improving it at the state level as well as President Trump exhibiting a booming American economy among his many accolades in less than two years on the job.”
  2. “Citizens should get out to vote because the future is decided by those who show up. Republican voters are energized by President Trump’s tireless work.”

No matter where you stand on any issues or whose party you align with, you should let your voice be heard and vote during the midterm election Nov. 6. If you haven’t registered, check out our guide that provides you with all of the information you’ll need for education, registration, ballot information and voting location!


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