Things to Do, Consider Before Withdrawing

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 18, is the last day to withdraw from individual classes. Here are some general considerations for students who are considering withdrawing.

  1. Have you talked with your professor(s) about any opportunities to improve your grades?
  2. Are there campus resources that could help you improve your grades?
  3. How does withdrawing affect your completion rate?
  4. How does withdrawing affect your financial aid?

To get a clear picture of what withdrawing means for YOU and your academic progress, meet with an academic advisor before November 18. Call your college advising office or University Advising for assistance. University Advising advisors will be available from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the last day to withdraw, Thursday, November 18..

To find out what withdrawing means for your financial aid, stop by the Campus Hub on the main floor of the Centennial Student Union (CSU).

If you withdraw from a course, double-check your schedule in E-services, looking for the “W” that indicates you’ve successfully withdrawn. For further information about how to withdraw, contact the Registration Help Center in Wigley Administration Building 132, or call 507-389-2252.

Failing vs. Withdrawing Pros & Cons

What factors should I consider for withdrawing vs. failing a course? The pros and cons are:

  • Failing can hurt GPA and completion rate.
  • Withdrawal can hurt completion rate, but not GPA.
  • However, Financial Aid implications are different. It is best to schedule a meeting with an advisor before deciding to withdraw from a course to ensure you are making the most informed decision! 
  • If you plan to withdraw, you can do so by accessing Dropping Courses from the Campus Hub web page. 

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