Trenne, Maltare Named to Lead 2020-21 Student Government at Minnesota State Mankato

Posted April 17, 2020; Revised April 22, 2020


Andrew Trenne, the presiding vice president of the 2019-20 Student Government, was elected president and running mate Arnavee Maltare was named vice president for the 2020-21 Student Government at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Final meeting of the 2019-20 Student Government is planned online for Wednesday, April 22. The new governing body will be sworn in via zoom at the first official meeting on Wednesday, April 29.

The outgoing leadership still seeks an in-person celebration and awards presentation. The event is tentatively being planned for the Fall Semester.

Election results were announced Thursday evening after this year’s online voting was extended to three days due to the campus shutdown due to the coronavirus.

The two-party election included candidates from Empowering Mavericks (EM) and the Maverick Movement (MM). Trenne and Maltare led the EM list of candidates.

Election results include:

Senators for the College of Allied Health & Nursing:

  • Gretchen Bygd (EM)
  • Elijah Calderon-Pitchford (EM)

Senators for the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

  • Yousef Elssaadi (EM)
  • Rediet Abera (EM)

Senators for the College of Science, Engineering & Technology

  • Afnan Husain (EM)
  • Camila Bejarano (EM)
  • Ian Ssuna (EM)

Senators for the College of Arts & Humanities

  • Emma Gabbert (EM)
  • Frank Vondra (EM)

Senators for the College of Business

  • Jaydon Dickey (EM)
  • David Alimo (MM)

Senator for the College of Education

  • Sarvesh Parte (EM)

Senators for the College of Graduate Studies

  • Lauren Brandmeier (EM)
  • Noor Salim (MM)

Senators for Residential Life

  • David Watts (EM)
  • Kara Sverci (EM)
  • Drake Russell (EM)
  • Audrey Hopwood (MM)
  • Brian Swancutt (EM)

Senators for Off-Campus Residents

  • Cat Nelson (EM)
  • Andrew Weinzierl (EM)
  • Zachary Wickman (EM)
  • Margaret Ruiz (EM)
  • Win Vuong (EM)
  • Asaka Shimizu (EM)
  • Radit Mahmud (EM)
  • Paula Bejarano (EM)

Senators for Student Body At Large

  • Zahara Osman (EM)
  • Reauna Stiff (EM)

Newspaper Board

  • Katlin Sannan (EM)
  • Ayush Sharma (EM)
  • Prerna Somaiya (MM)
  • SourabhHanumant (EM)

Centennial Student Union Board

  • Emma Gabbert (EM)
  • Zahara Osman (EM)

Athletic Fee Advisory Board

  • Elijah Calderon-Pitchford (EM)
  • Katlin Sannan (EM)

Student Health Services Advisory Board

  • Katlin Sannan (EM)
  • Steven Ovraiti (MM)


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