When the Family Comes: 5 Tips to Prep for Family Weekend

by BRETT MARSHALL, CSU Communications Student Staff

Family Weekend is upon us! For some of you that means seeing your mom or dad and siblings for the first time since you moved in a little more than a month ago. For others, it just means your parents are the ones making the drive this time around. But now that they’re coming to see you, you need to get ready? I’ve compiled five helpful tips that will impress your family:

  1. Clean your room. It sounds pretty self-explanatory, but making sure your room is clean is a key to showing your parents and family that you’re able to handle life on your own. Make your bed, take out the trash, scrub down the sink and bathroom and make sure everything is in order. First impressions are everything.
  2. Let your roommate know they’re coming. The last thing you want is your family to come to town and walk into your room to a snoring/sleeping roommate. Make sure you contact your roommate and let him or her know when you’re family is coming. Coordinate with them and you may even be able to solicit their help for cleaning your room.
  3. Make a plan. A pleasant surprise for your family is having something planned for when they arrive. MSU sponsors lots of Family Weekend Events, but there are plenty of things to do (and places to eat) in Mankato! Suggest an activity to them when they arrive and you’d be surprised at what they’re willing to do.
  4. Show them around campus. Now that you have a better feel for campus, take your family around campus and show them some of your favorite places and where some of your classes are. They’re sure to be interested in what you’ve been up to since they last dropped you off.
  5. Thank them! Before they hit the road and head home, be sure to thank your family for coming. It’s a small gesture, but gratitude always goes a long way, especially with your loved ones.

And that’s it! The most important part of Family Weekend is to simply enjoy your time with family and have fun!

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