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Earning higher education and a college degree is a financial commitment that can sometimes put a strain or a dent on a family’s economic situation or on oneself. There are many costs to consider. To start with their is the basic tuition and fees, as well as school supplies. Books and technology tend to be the most expensive school supplies for any student. Then there are the living expenses such groceries, utilities, and rent. If students live on campus then they have to carefully choose a dining plan that best fits their needs as well as a dormitory.

Students that are attending college cannot make as much money as students who are working full time. Therefore, they must use their savings, any help they can get from family and friends, and in many cases loans. However, Universities want students to succeed and they try to provide as many tools as they can.

Minnesota State University Mankato has various scholarships available for students. The requirements as well as the money available ranges. Therefore, the University has an easy tool that can be completed by students to make the application process easier.

The scholarship finder has a simple sign-in requirement and then questions to better understand the student and find the scholarships that the student qualifies for. It is important to note that it is not guaranteed that students who sign-in and fill the application in Scholarship Finder are guaranteed a scholarship.

The university has many students and many apply for scholarships, so their is competition. However, it is worth applying for and giving it a try. Most students need help to go through University and Scholarships are a great way to earn that needed financial help.

There are also additional scholarship opportunities that students should look into if they fulfill the the requirements. These are some of the merit-and need-based scholarships available for first-year students

  • The Presidential Scholar Awards is a $20,000 scholarship awarded over four years.
  • The Meredith Scholar Award is a $32,000 scholarship also awarded over four years.
  • The Graham Chemistry Scholarship is a one-year $2,500 scholarship.

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