ZOE SUSKI: Dr. Seuss Helps Pave Personal Path Towards Smithsonian

Zoe Suski of Mahtomedi, Minn., graduates in Spring 2020 with her degree in history. She is an active member of the Community Engagement Office’s student staff. She is also involved in Her Campus MNSU and Mavs In Action.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Boasting Exceptional Student Talent, the BEST Board in the Centennial Student Union Hearth Lounge is a 55-foot-long display sponsored by the CSU to recognize eight students each semester for campus student leadership and CSU student staff excellence. This is the third in a series of profiles of the Spring 2020 student leaders.

Using your own experience, what advice for personal fulfillment and college enrichment would you offer to fellow students?

ZOE: “Find your passion. It sounds so incredibly cheesy and simplistic, but between finding clubs that you enjoy and meet your interests, and meeting people that hold the same values as yourself, there really is something here for everyone. Another big thing is don’t listen to the crowd. If you hold a deep passion for something, go for it. Forget about what other people think and make your own path. You’ll be happy you did in the long run.”

We often get asked, “How do I get on the BEST Board?” What do you think helped earn you your BEST Board distinction?

ZOE: “I think my employment in the CSU and my leadership responsibilities played a large role. I started with the Community Engagement office and Student Activities in my sophomore year of school. I was placed there from random work-study placement and quickly fell in love. I took on leadership roles within the office quickly and found myself leading and planning events. I love the work I do, I have the ability to work closely with agencies, help people find their passion for service and so much more.”

Why did you pick the quote used on the BEST Board? Please provide some background.

ZOE: “I wanted to develop a quote with one thing in mind: I can truly call the CSU home. I found myself and my passions in this place. I spend more time in the building than in class some days, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The CSU became a place of self-exploration and development. My college experience would be a completely different thing had I not been placed in the CSU for work nearly four years ago.”

What involvement or leadership experience at Minnesota State Mankato best defines you, your interests, or your proudest moment? 

ZOE: “One that I always look back on the most is fondly is Dr. Seuss Celebration in 2018. This was one of the first events that I had full control over. Myself and the group I oversaw put together an event for over 400 local kindergartners. We read four books and did crafts pertaining to each. Between all the background work and day-of logistics, it was so incredibly rewarding to see it all come together on that day.”

Where do you hope to take your college education earned at Minnesota State Mankato (what are your career aspirations)?

ZOE: “I’m currently focusing on looking into a Master’s program in the field of History. Anything from historic preservation, curation or museum work is my large focus. My ultimate dream is to work for the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. – maybe one day I’ll make it there.”

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