Pipeline of Pre-trained Employees

Minnesota State Mankato’s Computer Information Science Department is currently seeking industry partner(s) interested in learning more about partnerships utilizing students majoring in technology. Student interns are integrated into project teams and complete real world tasks.


Benefits for the industry partner include a pipeline of pre-trained interns to hire as full-time employees, a low cost staff augmentation resource, and access to the best students at MNSU. We are currently looking to partner with organizations that need technology employees and their next generation of superstars. Students would be capable of performing software development, software testing, networking, business analyst, database, data analytics, security, and many other technology tasks.

Students are MNSU employees. MNSU handles payroll and invoices the industry partner only for actual time worked. Students are currently paid $13 per hour. Students with at least 12 months remaining until graduation are recruited and work until they graduate.

There is currently space available on and near campus, which does not occur on a regular basis. After additional expenses are factored in to cover space rental, utilities, student recruitment etc., the cost to an industry partner is approximately $17-$18 per intern hour worked. That rate is generally more competitive than an off-shore rate (not to mention some of the other additional benefits), and much cheaper than hiring an entry-level employee or contractor.

An industry partner is required to sign a contractual agreement with MNSU. However, the risk is minimal as the contract can be terminated at any time and the industry partner pays only for actual costs incurred. The industry partner must have a sustainable flow of projects for student interns to work on, and should mentor students on industry standards, business practices and issues specific to their business. Interns are limited to 20 hours per week during the academic year, but can work full-time over the summer months. These partnerships can be fully customized to the industry partner’s needs.

If an industry partner hires an intern as a full-time employee, he/she could be working at MNSU one day and seamlessly transition to the industry partner’s site with no training or recruitment costs. We have twelve years of experience with these technology partnerships and students, industry partners, and MNSU all receive great benefits.

If you would like to learn more about these exciting partnerships, my contact information is Dr. Michael Wells at 507-389-6659 or michael.wells@mnsu.edu.

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