$1 an Hour Parking; Fines Payable Online Among New Parking Services

The new $1 per hour automated parking kiosk in Lot 22 offers another option for campus parking near the Maverick All-Sports Dome.


Drivers without parking permits wishing to pay for temporary campus parking now have a dollar-an-hour option.

A new, automated kiosk between the north and south sections of Lot 22 allows drivers to park and pay for a $1 hourly rate.

The new feature was added to provide parking for those seeking to use the new Maverick All-Sports Dome as well as an alternative when the free parking lot is full.

Users will key in their vehicle’s license plate number and pre-pay the amount of hours they wish to park. The kiosk accepts Visa, Master Card or Discover.

The vehicle’s plates are automatically logged into the system. Using hand-held tracking units, security checks will scan vehicle plates to determine valid parking. Vehicles scanned after purchased time had lapsed would be subject to a parking violation.

Online Ticket Payment or Appeal

Another new feature for those receiving parking tickets is an online site for paying or appealing fines. Through the parking portal, tickets issued to students, faculty or staff can be paid by using Star ID. Guests can create a login account. Campus community members can type in the ticket number or vehicle license and proceed to pay ticket online.

Appeals can also be filed at the site.

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