Maverick Diversity and Inclusion

by JENAE CAREY, CSU Public Relations Intern


Students looking to expand their knowledge and expertise on equality can now participate in The Maverick Diversity Institute.

Designed specifically for the workplace and classroom setting, this year’s sessions offer a student track.

Established four years ago for faculty and staff, the presentations are part of professional development opportunities on campus. The Diversity Institute now hopes to extend that knowledge to students.

The next event on Wednesday, Feb. 19, discusses topics related to military and veteran students. The session offers ways to support students in reaching their academic and personal goals. The program includes Q&A session.

Megan Heutmaker, director for American Indian Affairs, stresses how important it is to be more educated and inclusive of all students.

“Together, we can work to become a community that welcomes all students.”

MEGAN HEUTMAKER, Director for American Indian Affairs

The Maverick Diversity Institute series offers six events: Campuses and Colonialism, Bridge to Benefits, Military and Veteran Students, Promotion Inclusivity, The Status of Black Women in American Politics, and Microaggressions.

After registering to attend four of the selected programs over the course of the academic year, participants write a short reflection and have your Diversity Passport stamped by a Diversity and Inclusion staff member.

At the end of the semester, individuals can present their passport and receive a certificate of completion that can be used as part of a professional development plan or report.

For more information and details on the events being held, visit The Diversity Institute webpage.

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