3 Things You Can Learn From Upperclassmen

by Taylor Zenz, CSU Public Relations Intern

Now that you’ve had some time under your belt at Minnesota State Mankato, reflecting back on your first semesters can be quite a shock to the person you once were. Here’s some things I know I’ve learned – thanks to the example of some upperclassmen.

1. Motivation

When I was a freshman, learning how to manage my newfound freedom was an interesting battle. My mom would call me to make sure I was on task. Though I was a good student in the first place, her telling me to get my homework done before the weekend started made me want to do the exact opposite. That mindset changed for me as I started getting to know upperclassman who were motivated and had a high standard of academic goals. I thought to myself, “I want to be just like them”. They taught me that by just doing the “bare minimum” won’t get you very far.

2. Tradition and Getting Involved

Growing up, I had no sense of tradition. I didn’t attend high school football games or attend weekly Friday night gettogethers with my neighborhood friends. This continued when I was an underclassman. Approaching graduation, I’m starting to realize that Minnesota State Mankato has given me everything I’d hoped for and more. I wish that I would have partaken in more activities and traditions on campus. You’ll soon realize how important it is to leave a legacy and being a part or something bigger than yourself. With the CSU’s 50th and MSU’s 150th anniversary, now is the perfect time to take part in those celebrations.

3. Getting Involved and Finding Yourself

It’s hard to know how to get involved on a campus you’ve just arrived at. It’s also hard to know who you are at the age of 18. Juniors and seniors have “been there, done that”. They can tell you what to get involved with on campus and exactly how to get involved. For me, this person was my CA in my Preska dorm. Never would I had thought about joining a sorority if it wasn’t for her. Because of her recommendation, I have been heavily involved with Maverick Greeks, Dance Marathon and the CSU. It also helped me find my career path. I’ll forever be thankful for my CA, who I remind her of my gratitude three years later.

Whether it’s learning how to study properly, learning how to get involved or how to find yourself, there’s upperclassman all over this campus that can help you. You never know who you’ll be influenced by on this campus. If I had one piece of advice, it would be to get the courage to ASK, ASK, ASK!

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