College Success: You Gotta Wanna

College is not the cure-all. Just going to college isn’t the panacea for achieving “the good life.” You gotta wanna. Frequently, success requires coming to grips with your life. For many, it’s all about goal setting – where do I want to be in five years?…15 years?…when it’s time to retire?. Some start figuring it out in high school. Some take longer. Some change their goals. Some find they have to change just to survive.

I was moved by Sunday’s Mankato Free Press lead story by Robb Murray that featured Angie Herz, a Minnesota State Mankato student who has taken her life from prison cell to goals for a master’s degree. The Free Press feature was among a three-part series focusing on homelessness in Mankato.

For many, this is the season for hope, yearning and, yes, even finding angels among us. All three, seemed to have aided Angie onto the “Right Track.” Her frank story shows that the right track can start out looking like a broken road. Thank you, Angie, for your willingness to share an inspirational personal journey shaped by choices and hardship and recovery.
– Lenny Koupal

READ Angie Herz’s Feature Story from the Mankato Free Press

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