Are You Among the 3500? CSU Conducts Student Survey

The Centennial Student Union seeks opinions, complaints, ideas and suggestions from 3500 Minnesota State Mankato students selected to participate in the CSU’s online 2018 Student Survey.

Participating students were notified Monday by email when the survey officially launched. Reminder emails will be sent to encourage remaining students to voice their opinions before the survey’s March 1 conclusion.

Survey participants could earn a GoPro Hero 6 camera being given away through random selection following the conclusion of the survey.

In the opening email, CSU Director Mark Constantine shared a link to the survey and expressed the important role survey responses have in advancing the student union’s role as the students’ House of Serendipity.

“As the only facility at Minnesota State Mankato supported primarily by student fees, the CSU works to spend your dollars wisely to create an environment that INVITES, INVOLVES and INSPIRES students,” Constantine said. “Your honest evaluation does make a difference. Several CSU initiatives started as student comments expressed in past surveys.”

Of special importance is students’ response to questions crafted specifically for CSU services and programs.

Celebrating its 50th year, the CSU seeks record student survey response in helping advance the future of services and programming within the CSU.

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