Beatboxing to ‘Inigo Montoya’

After more than a decade at the top of his game, beatboxing loop artist, Heatbox, continues to turn his voice into a one-man entertainment system. Aided by his trusty ukulele, Heatbox ventures forth and vocally creates looped tunes as the audience watches. “Like my head is an antenna that picks up music from the universe.” Those sound waves have led Heatbox to his latest endeavor, the Spring 2023 release of “Hilarious & Epically Legendary.” Heatbox will preview songs such “Bad Internet Friend” and the anticipated fan favorite, “Inigo Montoya” from his new musical comedy album as part of his CSU Mall Fest performance on Wednesday, April 26. This final Spring ’23 performance of the CSU Serendipity Music Series will be from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the campus mall. Come be part of the fun!

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