BEST Board S’24: Jake Hauser Leads March Book Drive as a New Maverick Tradition

In Spring 2024, Jake initiated a book donation drive for March 2024 as part of National Reading Month. The effort replaces the Community Engagement Office’s former Dr. Suess Day that was halted during COVID. His effort seeks to benefit several different organizations in Mankato, including the North Mankato Taylor Library, Reach Out and Read Minnesota and My Place Mankato. The drive further seeks to become a new Maverick Tradition for our campus.

As a member of Mavs in Action since Fall 2022, Jake Hauser quickly established himself as a dependable volunteer as he worked his way into leadership with the Mavs in Action board. As the Secretary for Mavs in Action, Jake has been a leader in shaping how the board will be recognizing student volunteers in the future. Interacting with the rest of the board and remaining purpose-driven, Jake sees what this leadership team could be and pushes for its success to continue long after he graduates.

Name: Jake Hauser
Hometown: New Ulm, Minnesota
Major: Statistics
Campus Involvement: Service Secretary for Mavs in Action, Data Analyst for Campus Kitchen, SSS Tutor, and Chess Club
Graduation Date: May 2024

Reflecting on your time in leadership roles or as a student employee in the student union, how do you believe these experiences have contributed to your college experience?

JAKE: “Being involved on campus has allowed me to make new friends and form new connections while doing meaningful work.”

How have those experiences contributed to your personal growth and development as an individual?

JAKE: “My involvement with Mavs in Action and the Campus Kitchen has helped me become more community-minded. Before my leadership roles within the Community Engagement Office, I focused mainly on myself and the people close to me. As I grow more connected to our community, I have become more aware of community problems and am always brainstorming ways to help.”

Provide one or more detailed examples where your campus involvement/work experience made you a better leader.

JAKE: “One way that I have become a better leader is by observing and learning from other great student leaders. As Service Secretary for Mavs in Action, I am constantly surrounded by excellent leaders. Great leadership is contagious and being around it helps me become a better leader.”

How do you see yourself carrying the lessons and skills you gained from your leadership and/or student union work experience into your future endeavors or career path?

JAKE: “The analytical skills I have learned while serving with Mavs in Action and the Campus Kitchen will help me in my career as I want to be a data analyst. Also, the leadership skills I have accumulated will help me be a leader in my workplace and community.”

What advice would you give to fellow students in helping them make the most of their college experience?

JAKE: “To try new activities and clubs. It is completely normal and okay to get nervous, scared, or anxious when trying something new. Be courageous and do it anyway. Don’t get down on yourself if you fail. Failure is necessary for growth.”

Throughout your college experience at Minnesota State Mankato, what has provided the greatest personal growth, memories, satisfaction and/or personal pride.

JAKE: “Seeing everyone come together at Mavs in Action events to accomplish a certain goal has been really cool. Everyone has different backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives but they all have the same goal of serving the community. It is amazing what a group can accomplish when everyone is united behind a common goal.”

Share a special “lifelong” memory of college you will take with you when you leave Minnesota State Mankato. 

JAKE: “I will always remember and be grateful for the friends I have made and all the support I have received from professors, advisors, and other faculty.”

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