BIG FIRE AT SAFETY DEMO: Kitchen Grease Fire Demonstration Makes an Impression

A kitchen space erupts in flames after a Mankato firefighter adds a cup of water to grease fire in a stovetop pan.

What just a cup of water added to a grease fire made a fiery impression Wednesday, Sept. 6, during the Public Safety Fair on the campus mall. The Mankato Fire Department warned viewers of the quick and deadly dangers that occur when using water to fight a grease fire usually happening around the kitchen stove.

The demonstration using a single cup of water instantly spread the fire to the entire kitchen area. Such fires can be common among college student apartments. Rather than water, attempt to suffocate the fire with a lid or cover or else use something such as baking soda or salt. A proper fire extinguisher in the kitchen is highly recommended.

Other displays included a jolting 8-mile-per-hour crash simulator; a booth demonstrating marijuana impairment while driving; and displays by Mankato area law enforcement and emergency medical services.

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