Contestants Under Spotlight as Maverick Talent Contest Moves Toward Nov. 19

by KARA ALLEN, CSU Public Relations Assistant


This week, the Maverick Talent Contest is still in full swing! The team is reviewing and finalizing who will be in the show. Currently, eight submissions have been received. The talent team is going through the acts and making decisions based on quality. Most of the submissions have been talent acts of singing or dancing. 

The filming portion of the Maverick Talent Contest begins on Thursday, Nov. 19. The filming portion is to make good quality videos for the live stream show. The team will be meeting and working with the talent acts to find the best time to film for them. The filming will take place in Ostrander, where lights and sound will be provided for the acts. 

Performers are expected to come in prepared and ready to go. In order to follow COVID-19 guidelines and practice social distancing, all acts are given their own time slot to perform during the filming. We are excited to see the acts perform again! 


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