Leave behind stress and come have fun! Head to Ostrander Auditorium to see a drag show! “A drag show is a fabulous form of entertainment. A show consists of drag performers who usually lip-sync or sing live to a wide variety of songs. These shows are full of love, fun, and style where the audience can expect a great time” says Stephan Thomas, director of LGBT Center and drag performer of seven years. This event will be Wednesday, Nov. 16, at 7 p.m. Those interested in going should know that they cannot touch the performers, tipping in $1s and $5s is a part of drag culture, however cheering is just as appreciated and free, the show is 18+ and tickets are $5. “I cannot wait to share the experience of a drag show with all the students who will be coming out and celebrating love at this event” says Thomas. Don’t miss this amazing show! 

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