Flagging Trouble Spots

Starting Tuesday, Jan.  24, undergraduate faculty will be asked to share feedback with you about your progress in classes thus far using the University’s Early Alert survey system. If feedback is submitted for you, you will receive an email in your University MavMail account from mavconnect@mnsu.edu.

FAQ: I received a concern/flag from my instructor. What’s that mean? 

Receiving feedback by a concern or “flag” being raised for you does not mean you are in trouble. However, it is something you should review and act on. Receiving a flag/concern can give you an idea of your progress so far this semester. The MavCONNECT Early Alert survey system is designed to give you useful, timely feedback on your performance, and to guide you to resources available to help you.

If you receive feedback via a concern/flag,

  • read through the email you received regarding the flag,
  • and talk with your campus contacts (student success coach, advisor, or faculty members) if you need assistance going forward.

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