Free Farmer’s Market on October 12th!

by KARA ALLEN, CSU Public Relations Assistant


Who doesn’t love a good ol’ farmers market?

On Monday, October 12 from 3-5 pm there will be a free farmer’s market in Lot 20. To keep students and faculty safe, the farmer’s market will be set up as a drive-through event (Vehicles preferred, but come by foot if that’s best for you). Social distancing and masks will be ensured to aid in safety as well.

During the farmer’s market, students will be provided with free food supplied by Second Harvest Heart Land. Food will be pre-packaged before the event, including fresh fruits and vegetables for your enjoyment.

Free farmer’s market events usually pull anywhere between 250-800 students to aid in food insecurity. During the complications of COVID-19 and the regular strain college students experience regarding finances, the free farmer’s market is here to help you ease that financial strain with nutritious, delicious food. 

We are excited to see you and encourage you to come and take some food!


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