Going Home for Thanksgiving? Get Yourself Tested!


Thanksgiving is next week—and we want you to be able to go home for the holidays confident that you will not unknowingly spread coronavirus to your family and friends. That’s why we have launched a new testing partnership with the Minnesota Department of Health.

This upcoming Thursday, Nov. 19 the university will be offering free saliva testing on campus open to all students. Students will register for a 30-minute timeslot through their smartphones or provided iPads at the event. The testing event this Thursday, Nov. 19 will be from Noon – 6pm in the CSU Ballroom.

What you need to know about the saliva test:

  • You must not eat, drink, chew or smoke anything for at least 30 minutes before taking a saliva test.
  • A health care professional will tell you how to take the test, but you will do it yourself.
  • You will spit into a funnel attached to a tube. Producing the required amount of saliva usually takes <10 minutes.
  • You will get your results in about 48-72 hours; negative results will be delivered via email and/or text, and positive results will be delivered with a phone call.

It’s important to note that these test sessions are open to students who are not currently experiencing symptoms. Our hope is that these tests will help identify asymptomatic cases that could lead to spread of the virus during holiday visits. If you are experiencing coronavirus symptoms, you should not come to campus; instead, schedule a test as soon as possible through Student Health Services or one of the local health care facilities.

Questions about these testing opportunities should be directed to provost@mnsu.edu.

Please continue to take care of yourselves—and in the process, take care of your families and friends, too.


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