Honors Program Helps Rocket Your Future

The Right Stuff. Back in 1983, this movie about the early days of the space program focused on confident individuals getting ready to be shot into space.

Actually, that’s a good metaphor for the Honors Program at Minnesota State Mankato – students confident they are the Right Stuff push their personal envelope with hopes for rocketing their future.

In the coming two weeks you will have three opportunities to find out about the Honors Program and if its a good fit for you, your college career and your future.

“Students who are looking to take their college experience one step further should consider applying for the Honors Program,” said Ginny Walters, Honors Program assistant director. “Students in the Honors Program engage in meaningful experiences that help them to develop their leadership, research, and global citizenship skills.”

Motivated students selected for the Minnesota State take their college experience further than they thought possible. Along the way, they develop problem solving skills and a growing passion for knowledge.

Think you’re the Right Stuff or you just want to rocket your career. Plan to attend one of the sessions or find out more about the program here.

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