“I’m Afraid I’m a Fraud” Feminine Feast Set Feb. 20


by MORGAN STOLPA, CSU Public Relations Intern 

Do you ever hear a little voice in your head that says “you don’t know what you are doing?” Well, you are not alone.

Join the Women’s Center in a Feminist Feast, “I’m Afraid I’m a Fraud,” to enjoy a catered meal while discussing the topic of feminism and the impostor phenomena. 

Postponed from the original Jan. 30 date, the Feminist Feast on Wednesday, Feb. 20, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Centennial Student Union, North Ballroom, explores the the impostor phenomena. The evening includes discussion and a 20-minute facilitated presentation and discussion by Residential Life’s Academic Success Coordinator, Megan Ross, and Director of the Women’s Center, Liz Steinborn-Gourley.

Impostor syndrome is defined as a commonly-shared feeling that someone is a fraud and believes that their accomplishments are nowhere near as good as the praise or promotions they receive.

“Feminist Feast is an opportunity for us to break bread and discuss the very real challenges we face regularly from the political to the personal. In regards to the impostor phenomena, once we understand that our feelings of inadequacy and fraudulence are not our struggle alone, we are better able to confront and change our thinking. People of color and women most often experience these feelings of fraudulence as we begin to see all of the great things of which we are capable. We are good enough. We do belong here,” said Steinborn-Gourley.  

Feminist Feasts are open to all students. If you’re interested in attending RSVP at the Women’s Center in CSU 218 by 12 p.m. on Monday, February 18 or by responding to our Facebook event: facebook.com/WomensCenterMsu. 

Remember, Feminist Feasts are open to all students. 


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