Japan Night 2019: The Beauty of Japan

by EMMA GABBERT, CSU Public Relations Assistant

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The Minnesota State University, Mankato Japanese Intercultural Association is hosting “Beauty of Japan”, an event to showcase Japanese culture with performances, cultural booths, and food. The festival will take place on Saturday, October 12, 4-8 p.m. in the CSU Ballroom. The entrance fee is $8 in advance, and $10 at the door, however, children under 12 can get in for free.

The last time Japan Night was hosted by Minnesota State University, Mankato, was in 2012, meaning the event has not been present on campus for seven years. Mio Yoshizaki, the President of the Japanese Intercultural Association (JIA), explains why the JIA decided it was time to bring it back.

“Japanese culture is very well-known to the world. So, we wanted to cover every aspect of Japanese culture, particularly on the traditional side.”

Mio Yoshizaki, the President of the Japanese Intercultural Association

In recent years, the traditional side of Japanese culture has often been overshadowed by more famous aspects such as; anime, sushi, origami, karate, and Japanese gardening. The JIA has the goal of integrating these two views of Japan, into one complete culture.

As for the “Beauty of Japan” event, a majority of the evening will be dedicated to multiple performances throughout the night. One of these includes a guest from St. Cloud performing Aikido, a Japanese martial art that focuses on harnessing one’s energy to combat an attacker, with an emphasis on philosophy. In addition, the Minnesota State University, Mankato Karate team will also be present, conducting a traditional routine. The event will also hold a fashion show featuring a variety of Japanese costumes, along with a photo booth to try them on. 

“Japan Night” is one of four “Signature Nights” sponsored by the Kearney International Center in partnership with the Multicultural Center. This event, along with the other “Signature Nights” funded by the Kearney International Center, is open to anyone who is interested in learning about the different cultures present on our campus. Food will be provided. The main dish is a Japanese curry and rice meal, with sides and desserts as well.

To attend, you can buy tickets HERE.

To participate in other cultural events on campus, CLICK HERE for more information.

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