Latinx Voting Power in Minnesota; Importance and Impact of Each Vote

The Latinx voting power might be underestimated and it is important to know the impact it can have. The 2020 elections are right around the corner and it is estimated that at least 32 million Latinx are eligible to vote.

On Tuesday, Oct. 13, from Noon to 1 p.m., Latinx Affairs will address how the Latinx vote could impact the election and the importance of the vote as well as how to register. 

COPAL (Communities Organizing Latinx Power and Action) will discuss the power of the Latinx vote and its specific importance in Minnesota. The group’s mission seeks “to unite Latinx in Minnesota in active grassroots communal democracy that builds racial, gender, social and economic justice across community lines.”

 The experience, resources, and knowledge that COPAL offers can make a difference in your community and people’s lives. Make sure to check out this event if you know you are looking at ways to bring justice on social/economic issues or just want to make an impact on the world. 


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