Maverick Return To Learn Looks At Fall 2020 Semester

Highlights of a June 3 Town Hall meeting – part of an ongoing virtual series at Minnesota State Mankato – describe the Return to Learn class options and campus scenarios currently being review for Fall 2020. A preferred option for fall classes is a FlexSync approach that combines in-class and remote Zoom instruction (6 minutes).

A new Return to Learn site on the Minnesota State Mankato website shares ongoing information as the University shapes the look and feel of the Fall 2020 semester in response to COVID-19.

“What does a comprehensive state university look like in a post-pandemic world?” is the question posed on the webpage as the University navigates the various unknowns in planning for fall and beyond.

The Maverick Return to Learn Planning initiative identifies strategic areas of focus, phases for preparation, planning scenarios for course delivery, and a planning structure toward the campus reopening.

Options and scenarios for Fall 2020 were the topic of a June 3 virtual Town Hall meeting where Dr. Mark Johnson, vice president for information technology, outlined the preferred FlexSync approach.

The three course-delivery options being studied through the initiative include:

  • In-Person: Select classes such as labs, ensembles, etc., that require students to be present to achieve learning outcomes.
  • FlexSync: A type of course delivery that allows students to flexibly attend the same class in-person or remotely via Zoom.
  • Online: Fully online classes, no in-person or on campus component. For classes offered online in the past or for online programs.

Three scenarios and multi-phase planning timelines will be adjusted as needed as more details are released by the Minnesota State system. System announcements are expected July 1 and July 31. Fall semester is scheduled to begin Aug. 24.

“Maverick Return to Learn” values seek to maintain the continuity of quality learning amidst COVID-19. Return to Learn priorities include:

  • Keeping our students, faculty, and staff healthy and safe.
  • Assuring students can maintain progress toward educational goals.
  • Maintaining the financial sustainability of the university.
  • Pursuing the strategic directions and priorities of the university.
  • Advancing toward achieving Equity 2030 goals.

Committees and teams that will be formed as part of the planning structure include the Return to Learn Decision Committee (RLDC), the Return to Learn Advisory Committee (RLAC), Return to Learn Action Teams (RLATs) and the Pandemic Operations and Tactics Team. A PDF of a “Maverick Return to Learn” powerpoint presentation is [PDF] available here (37 MiB).


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