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Move-in can be an exhausting and chaotic time. Hundreds of students and parents are all trying to move in at the same time. Most students will want to move in Thursday and we encourage them to do so, that way they can participate in Welcome Week.  So, what should you do?

Here are some helpful tricks and suggestions to make move-in go smoother:

  • Dress comfortably, it’s going to be a long day and you might have to carry a lot of stuff so try to be as comfortable as possible.
  • Prepare yourself for any weather, this is the Midwest and the weather can change quickly and easily, so it can either be hot and humid or cool and rainy.
  • Move-in what really is necessary, some things are not needed in the dorms right away. Some examples include winter jackets, formal wear, all your shoes, etc.
  • Keep a good sense of humor, hundreds of students and parents are going to be moving it at the same time so there will be lines in the elevators and the hallways will be crowded, so a good sense of humor will take you a long way and will make everyone’s day easier.


Traffic will be routed in a specific way and it will be heavy. Therefore, during move-in each specific residence community will have maps to inform on the route you should take as well as where you can unload your vehicle, and how to check-in.


Each residence community has designated areas for unloading, check-in, and shuttles. Follow the rules to prevent being ticketed and make the process smoother. It is important that vehicles should never be left unattended in an unloading zone, volunteers will be present to help unload belonging and watch them when necessary.


Here are the links to all the residence Community’s Move-In Information and their respective map:



McElroy Map



Preska Map



Crawford Map


Julia Sears

Julia Sears Map


Stadium Heights

Stadium Heights Map


Here is the link for the general move-in page:

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