Off-Campus Housing Resources

by EMMA GABBERT, CSU Public Relations Assistant


In response to the large demand of students looking for off-campus living arrangements, the university has an Off-Campus Housing Program to assist students in finding a place to live off-campus.

According to the Minnesota State University, Mankato Off-Campus Housing Program website, “Nearly 80% of Minnesota State, Mankato students live off-campus, and many of those live within 2 miles of campus in a rental property.”

The Off-Campus Housing Program gives students the opportunity to find a place to live during the school year at Minnesota State University, Mankato. This program is managed by John Bulcock, the Assistant Director of Student Activities, Greek Life & Off-Campus Housing.

‘We know a vast majority of our students live off-campus, so we try to have a connection to the off-campus property managers.’

John Bulcock, Assistant Director of Student Activities, Greek Life & Off-Campus Housing,

For the past 15 years, the Off-Campus Housing program has hosted three annual housing fairs near the start and end of breaks in November, January and March.

The November Housing Fair has two main objectives. November is generally known as a time for lease renewal. Therefore, the first goal is to give students the opportunity to explore other options for living arrangements if they are curious before renewing their current lease.

The November Housing Fair also acts as an opportunity for students to go home for the month-long winter break and talk to their parents about their decision for off-campus housing.

‘Between two thirds and three-quarters of students tell me that their parents are going to be involved in their living arrangement decision.

John Bulcock, Assistant Director of Student Activities, Greek Life & Off-Campus Housing

The January Housing Fair allows students to start the process of the serious consideration of their living arrangements next year. The housing fair a week after students return from winter break gives them a chance to review their options one more time before making a concrete decision.

The March Housing Fair is the final event of the year, taking place the week after spring break. The main purpose of this housing fair is to serve as a place for students to find housing last minute for the following school year. If students have put off signing a lease, this gives them a final chance to hear from property managers about the range of living situations offered.

The Off-Campus Housing Program website serves as a database of small property managers looking to fill apartment vacancies and students who are looking to sublease their apartment for the Spring or Summer semester. This service is free to students, and $10 for non-students.

In addition, students can find essential information regarding the choice to live off-campus such as cost, location, lease type (individual versus joint lease) and utilities.

If students are interested in what off-campus housing has to offer, there are a variety of websites and services outside the Off-Campus Housing Program as well.

The MNSU Student Resource Facebook Group is another well-known tool used by students to find on and off-campus housing or roommates.

This group, along with many other Facebook Groups for Minnesota State University, Mankato students such as the class of 20** Facebook groups, are used by students to find places to live for the current or upcoming school year.

*** It should be noted that The MNSU Student Resource Facebook Group applies to all grade levels. However, other Facebook groups for Minnesota State University, Mankato students may be specific to a certain graduating year.***

If you’re looking for additional advice, check out an article I wrote on about some Pros and Cons to Living Off-Campus.

Some reasons students choose to live off-campus include but are not limited to; the ability to have pets, lower costs, amenities (pool, gym, sauna, etc.) or to become more independent.

If you didn’t catch the Housing Fair earlier today, the next upcoming housing fair will be on Mar. 17. Bulcock encourages students who have not found housing for the 2020-2021 school year to attend the event for more information on local properties and the variety of options available.

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