Preparing for a Job Interview


by ALEX BAUMANN, CSU Public Relations Intern

Are you a student who has no clue what you would like to pursue? Or maybe you are a student who knows exactly what you want in a career, but not sure of what classes or major you need to take? And then there are some of you who wants to do everything and needs assistance with narrowing down your options?

The Career Development Center is your one-stop shop! It is one of the many resources on campus that is dedicated to providing high-quality services to all students, even alumni. The CDC offers the opportunity for students to sit down with a career advisor for up to an hour to assist with choosing/ changing a major, finding a part/full-time employment, and internship. The first part of getting into a career path of your choice is getting a resume started and then practice your interviewing skills.

“For students who are not sure where to start for an interview or what the process looks like. Here at the CDC, we have resources to prepare them for what to expect in multiple interview scenarios such as interviewing for your dream job or interviewing to get into graduate school. Everyone’s mock interview sessions are based on what kind of jobs they are going to apply for. We provide them with practice questions and we even walk them through helpful techniques to help them work with interviewing anxiety that can come up”, said Mai Xee Vang, Career Advisor.

“There is also Quick Stop from 12 P.M. – 3 P.M. Monday through Thursday every week. Quick stop is exactly how it sounds. Students can drop in, no appointment needed, to sit down with a career advisor for us to go over their resume, interviewing strategies, or even to chat about career opportunities,” said Vang.

The Career Development Center offers valuable resources that all students can take advantage of, especially if you are graduating soon and need guidance on practicing your interviewing skills. Be sure to check out their website for more information about interviewing:


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