UPDATE: Student Volunteers Help Those In Need Rake The Town

by TRAVIS GERLACH, CSU Public Relations Intern

UPDATE!! VINE Faith in Action has announced that Rake the Town that was going to happen on Nov 9th has been canceled. This is the first time in 23 years that VINE has had to cancel the event.

Weather has forced us to make this decision and we are very disappointed. Since mid-summer, our staff has invested hundreds of hours making arrangements for this event. We have responded to hundreds of phone calls, purchased rakes and tarps, scheduled raking groups, and arranged lunch for 400 hungry volunteers. Despite all our best efforts, the one thing we cannot control is the weather.

VINE Faith in Action on the cancelation


As soon as we hear any more information on the event, or when/if it gets rescheduled we will update everyone on our social media!


Helping aging adults and people with disabilities with the fall raking is again the call for student volunteers joining Vine in Action’s annual Rake the Town on Saturday, Nov. 9.

Volunteers from VINE Faith in Action provide fall raking at no charge. Donations are encouraged to help defray the costs of the day.

‘We plan to rake over 300 yards in Mankato, North Mankato, and St. Peter, as well as rural Blue Earth and Nicollet Counties.’

– vinevolunteers.com

This is a perfect opportunity to get involved in the community with your RSO or a group of friends. Signing up is easy! All you have to do is put in your contact information, how many people will be helping you rake, and wherein Mankato you’d prefer to rake! 

It’s not too late! Sign up now and start helping out your community!

For more community service opportunities visit the community engagement office on campus. They are located at CSU 173 (Student Activities) or you can visit their website by clicking here! 


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