Roshit Niraula and Rebekka Jay Elected as 2024 Student Government Leaders Amid Referendum Success

In the recent Student Government election at Minnesota State University, Mankato, Roshit Niraula and Rebekka Jay emerged victorious as the President and Vice President, respectively, for the Spring 2024 term. Their election came alongside significant triumphs in two crucial referendums presented to the student body.

The first referendum, proposing an increase in the student activity fee, received resounding support with an impressive 77.15% of the vote in favor.

Similarly, the second referendum, focusing on a proposed rise in the intercollegiate athletics fee, garnered robust endorsement, with 77.01% of the vote affirming the proposal.

Alongside Niraula and Jay’s election, various senatorial positions were also filled across different colleges and student sectors. The Spring 2024 Elections results are as follows:

President/Vice President

  • Roshit Niraula/Rebekka Jay

Senator, College of Allied Health and Nursing

  • Camille Hart

Senator, College of Business

  • Bruce Lindau

Senator, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Akorede Balogun
  • Tracy Swartzendruber

Senator, College of Science, Engineering and Technology

  • Anothony Lopez
  • Francis Mpanga
  • Aaron Leeb

Senator, College of Graduate Studies

  • Sierra Roiger
  • Aicha Maiga

Senator, Student Body At Large

  • Emily Dittrich
  • Alexis Smith

Senator, Off Campus Residents

  • Darnell Speltz
  • Sebastion Emeline
  • Mark Moore
  • Prisca Payanso Maba
  • Nitiben Parekh
  • Abhishu Karki
  • Narwin Reza
  • Rhys Riggle

Senator, Residential Life

  • Andrew Colleran
  • Abigail Andree
  • Haley Robertson

Centennial Student Union Board

  • Andrew Colleran
  • Nitiben Parekh

Newspaper Board

  • Grant Mayers

Student Health Services Advisory Board

  • Nahili Ansha

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