RSO Challenge Seeks Trivia Masters

by Taylor Zenz, CSU Public Relations Intern

Round up your RSO (Recognized Student Organizations) members for free food and a chance to win $200 in the Pop Culture Trivia Challenge.

“The Pop Culture Trivia Challenge is an event provided by Student Activities for RSOs. This is an opportunity for RSOs to interact with each other and also to win some money for their group,” said Jessica Lee, graduate advisor for Student Activities: RSOs & Leadership. “We understand that it can be difficult for some groups to raise funds for activities and group events, so we wanted to provide space where they can do this.”

Regardless of your proficiency in pop culture, it will be a great opportunity to bond with other organizations as well as your own.

“This event is a way to explicitly set a date so that those who want to meet other RSOs have the chance and place to do so,” Lee said.

The challenge is on Monday, Feb. 19 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Flexible Programming Space next to Erbert’s and Gerbert’s. Interested RSOs should register in OrgSync by Feb. 9 using this link:

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