Students Check your Email; Mid-Semester Academic Progress Updates Arriving Feb. 27

Starting Tuesday, Feb. 27, instructors will be sharing useful, timely feedback on your class performance through the MavCONNECT system. If your instructor submits feedback for you, you will receive an email in your University email account from MavCONNECT ( 

Q: “I received an alert from my instructor. What does it mean?”
A:  Receiving feedback by having an alert raised does not mean you are in trouble. It is, however, something you should review and act upon. IF YOU RECEIVE A CONCERN/FLAG:

• Check the alert email for tips to help you excel this semester.
• Talk with campus contacts like student success coaches or advisors if you need help.
• Reach out to your instructor to make sure you understand what you need to do to improve your class performance.

NOTE: Even if you don’t get feedback for a class, touch base with your instructor to make sure you stay on track.

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