Today With Jenae: The Midterm Madness

by JENAE CAREY, CSU Public Relations Intern


Hello friends! My name is Jenae and I am a Public Relations Intern at the Communications Office in the CSU. I’m a senior graduating in May, studying Mass Media with an emphasis on Public relations and communications.

I wanted to start a blog that addresses things that you, as a student, can relate to. Being in my fourth year of college, I feel I have some helpful insight to offer. This will be a weekly blog post, so sit back, sip on some coffee, and let’s chat!

As midterms are upon us, so is the mid-semester anxiety and stress that keeps us up at night.

It goes something like this: You are just about to fall into that deep sleep you’ve desperately been needing, and BAM. Those daunting thoughts start creeping in. “Did I turn that discussion post in?” “What do I have to get done tomorrow?” “I should check my grades…”

Helpful Hint: Instead of letting your brain go haywire at 2 a.m., open up your planner, make a list of everything you need to do tomorrow, and go to bed. You need your rest!

While weathering this overwhelming storm, it’s important to check in with yourself and how you’re feeling. As busy college students, it’s easy to spread ourselves way too thin. When I think of how much I have to do, I think of the homework from the heavy load of credits I’m taking, my job, my internship, social life, family… but where does time for taking care of my body and mind come in?

Being students, we are often our harshest critics. Are we working hard enough? Should we be doing more? Be a part of more clubs? Work more hours so we aren’t broke college students? The last thing on our minds is taking good care of ourselves in this way.

Not taking time for yourself to unwind and relax is something that can become an unhealthy habit. Even if it’s just a couple hours per week that you sit down and listen to music, journal, watch the Bachelor, call your mom, or go to the gym – taking time out for yourself should be a priority.

I want to end this first post by saying that yes, college is tough. However, so are you! You are capable enough, smart enough, and you’re doing the best you can. Good luck with midterms and have a great spring break! You deserve it.

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