TREVOR BRAGET: New Bullpen Program Coordinator is Familiar Face Around the CSU 

By LENNY KOUPAL, CSU Communications Coordinator

Trevor Braget describes himself as “malleable.” 

For the Centennial Student Union’s new Maverick Bullpen program coordinator, that’s understandable. His road to his new title includes experiences as an accounting major and junior high teacher in social studies, history, math and physical education. He’s also been a musician, bartender, karaoke DJ and an election administrator.  

Braget musical talents included operating a sound board while playing with various Mankato area bands. 

That last entry has made him a familiar face around the CSU. A Maverick undergraduate alum, Braget returned for his master’s degree in history and served as graduate assistant for Ryan Strelow with CSU Technical Services from 2020-21.  

“Ryan realized that I had a general background in management. But then he saw that I did bring a certain level of technical experience in a very informal way,” Braget said. “He believed he could help mold that and give me a lot more formal experience in it.” 

Working in the CSU gave Braget a new perspective of the student union and campus life. 

‘So make sure that you follow us on Instagram.’

– Trevor Braget

“So that really got me familiar with the culture that was MSU on a professional level as opposed to being familiar with it on a student level,” Braget said. “And just the workplace culture–what the mission and the values are of the staff around here. It was something that I really did enjoy.”  

Now taking over the helm at one of the largest university game rooms in the country, Braget is ready to shape new experiences—professionally for himself and leisurely for those enjoying the Bullpen. 

Located in the CSU lower level, the Maverick Bullpen offers a 12-lane bowling center, 15 professional-level billiard tables, ping-pong table, three gaming stations offering free access to the latest video games, table and board games, a snack bar, a study area and a pedestrian walkway connection to the Memorial Library. The Bullpen TV lounge is also the site for weekly Thursday night big-screen karaoke hosted by CSU Serendipity Karaoke. 

“The ultimate goal of the Bullpen is to provide a nice, safe place for students to have some fun. Even if it’s just for like 30 minutes a week, that definitely goes a long way in helping students de-stress and be more successful in their studies,” Braget said. 

First on Braget’s checklist was creating a stronger social media presence for the Bullpen. Braget and his student staff designed a new @maverickbullpen Instagram page.  

“So make sure that you follow us on Instagram. I have a couple of my student workers who are really, working hard on expanding that social media presence,” he added.  

Food is another focus. 

“Food is one thing that I definitely do want to take a look at and see what we can do better,” Braget said. “We do offer pizzas and some weekly food specials. We do want to update our menu and offer something you can’t get elsewhere on campus.”  

‘Keep paying attention to the Bullpen.’

– Trevor Braget

Continuing a Bullpen snack bar offering weekly food specials and food not available elsewhere on campus is among his first priorities.  

Braget said he is also hoping to partner with the Student Events Team on possible Stomper Cinema nights offering a movie as well as a great price for a pizza, soda and candy special. 

Another collaboration will be with Maverick Esports as the Bullpen becomes one of a limited number of sites across the country offering Killer Queen, a 10-player strategy arcade game being installed this semester. Other gaming improvements include the recent addition of PlayStation 5.  

The new program coordinator said the Bullpen continues to offer semester passes that provide unlimited billiards, bowling or both billiards and bowling access for one cost.  

As he settles into his new position, Braget said more options will be explored and implemented in the coming months.  

“Keep paying attention to the Bullpen. As I get my feet underneath me, my student staff and I will be looking at the wants and needs of our students,” Braget said. “One of my goals is to try and modernize the Bullpen as much as I can and make sure that we’re staying up-to-date with things that students want to see.” 

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