Outstanding Student Involvement Recognized at 19th Annual Student Activities Leadership Awards

Leadership Award winners include, back from left: Jack Baumbach, Landon Boldt, Kaden Schafer, Joe Roeser, Jacob Rangitsch, Ryan Tuchtenhagen, Storm Novak. Front from left: Crystal Watts, Atlas James, Spencer Grimes, Alyssa Nelson, Emma Zellmer, Val Weber.

Students who were seen as “movers and shakers” during the 2022-23 academic year were recognized for their student life involvement and leadership at the 19th annual Leadership Awards hosted by Student Activities. Students from various areas of campus life were nominated with a review panel selecting this year’s honorees.

The Outstanding Recognized Student Organization Award is presented to an RSO that is an active member of the Minnesota State University, Mankato community and represents the core values of integrity, diversity, access, responsibility, and excellence.

  • College Democrats

The Outstanding Recognized Student Organization Advisor Award is given to an advisor of an RSO who has gone above and beyond in working with members of their organization.

  • Yohanis Ferede

The Recognized Student Organization Exemplary Service Award is presented to an RSO that is involved in community service within the greater Mankato community.

  • Circle K
  • Sigma Nu

The Outstanding Campus Volunteer award is presented to a student who is involved in community service at Minnesota State University, Mankato. The student demonstrates civic responsibility through service and inspires hope in those they serve and others around them. Along with spending time serving others, this student shows respect and compassion for members of the Minnesota State University, Mankato campus community.

  • Allysa Nelson

Community Engagement Scholarship recipients are selected by a committee composed of members from both the campus and Greater Mankato community. Out of a pool of 21 applicants, two students were selected to receive the community engagement scholarships.

Over the past 58 years, the Davy family has taken great pride in students, volunteers and alumni in Minnesota State University, Mankato. Joan Davy graduated in 1967 and her husband Mark graduated in 1968. Mankato has been a family tradition for the Davy’s ever since. At this time, the family has seen three generations attend Minnesota State University, Mankato. They truly enjoyed their years here in Mankato and wanted to pay it forward by endowing an annual scholarship that would encourage students to serve the Mankato community for several years to come.

The Richard E. Murray Volunteerism Endowment was created to support the same mission that the Davy family supports. These scholarships combine to form the Community Engagement Scholarship section of today’s program.  

  • Davy Family Service scholarship recipient is Jack Baumbach
  • Murray Scholarship recipient is Jeremiah Rupert

The Outstanding Collegian Award is given to a student who is a student leader and who represents the core values of Minnesota State University, Mankato–integrity, diversity, access, responsibility, excellence in their organization, and works toward the benefit of others.

  • Emma Zellmer

Commitment to Cultural Responsiveness Award, which honors those who encourage a culture of understanding, belonging, and civility at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

  • Atlas James
  • Crystal Watts

The Maverick Spirit Award is awarded to a student who is willing to step-up and who takes risks for the betterment of the Minnesota State University, Mankato community.

  • Storm Novak

The Rising Star Award is presented to a student who is new to Minnesota State University, Mankato (either a new entering or first year transfer student) who shows active involvement in an organized campus activity. 

  • Spencer Grimes

The Big Ideas. Real-World Thinking Award is presented to an undergraduate student in their senior year, a graduate student, or an experienced staff member who actively celebrates the mission of Minnesota State University, Mankato to promote learning through effective undergraduate and graduate teaching, scholarship, and research to the state, region, and global community.

  • Jacob Rangitsch

The Scott Hagebak Centennial Student Union Hall of Fame Award is presented to a student or staff member who actively celebrate the mission and vision of the Centennial Student Union by helping create a vibrant community and gathering place.

  • Emma Zellmer

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