8 College Hacks

By ALEJANDRO REYES-VEGA, CSU Public Relations Student Assistant

College Hacks to be Successful

Buzzfeed has great articles that have suggestions and ideas to make life easier. Peggy Wang wrote a great article called “36 Life Hacks Ever College Student Should Know” and I chose the ones the ones that I have personally used and found most useful.

1. Getting through lectures

One major difference between high school classes and college classes is lectures. College has a lot more lectures which can sometimes make it hard to get all the information at once. A great way to understand better the lectures is to record them in any mobile device. They can be played faster if you want to go over the information or slower if you want to take notes.

2. Getting a good GPA

Don’t slack in your first few semesters when classes are easier. Make sure to get as many A’s as possible to balance off your GPA once you have to start taking harder classes.

3. Remembering your Schedule

Avoid having your schedule as a loose piece of paper. Try taking a picture of it and having it as your lock screen for the first few weeks. That way you can always know where and when is your next class by simply looking at your phone.

4. Get familiar with what you can do with a mug and a microwave

Getting hungry and don’t want to go to the cafeteria or it’s too late and everything is closed? You can always make yourself quick snacks with a mug and a microwave. Looks up easy recipes and get a dorm made meal.

5. Reading incentives

Getting through heavy reading classes can sometimes be challenging. Try using some type of snack or candy and reward yourself every time you reach the end of a section or unit.

6. Limiting distractions

Download apps in your computer or phone with timers that prevent you from accessing distracting websites. You can also get familiar with the “Do not Disturb” feature in your phones and computers so you can focus without seeing notifications and being tempted.

7. Sample testing

When studying for a test, try looking up sample tests from the same subject. A great way to get focused tests is by typing “site:edu [subject] exam”.

8. Scent memory

Spray on an unfamiliar scent or try a different or weird gum flavor. Before taking the test spray the same scent, you used to study or the same gum. The distinctive scent or flavor will help you jog your memory.

If you wish to see the full article click here.

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