All Time Can Be ‘Me Time’

by CYDNEY COFFEY, CSU Communications Graduate Assistant 


I think that we all can admit that the pandemic has not treated us the best- whether that is financially, academically, personally, physically, emotionally, or mentally. In these segments, each week, my goal is to help anyone, and everyone tap into the idea of mindfulness through mental training. I would like to provide you with a toolbox filled with tools that you can use to help evolve your beliefs, attitudes, and feelings about yourself, as these are all crucial to your emotional and mental health. I plan to use mindfulness cards to help guide these discussions.

Our mindset is an extremely powerful force of nature. It is essential to developing healthy self-esteem. Our mindset can determine the type of outlook we have on various things, such as our day, ourselves, or others. Now, more than ever, as we navigate this pandemic, we need to realize how imperative our mentality is, because, if you did not already know, you are worth it. You matter and your mind matters.

This past week, I encouraged everyone to tap into their insight and awareness. The focus was to ‘Let it go.’ We, as humans, are always carrying something- it might be an idea of ourselves or someone else, a memory of something significant or minuscule, or our view of how we or others should behave. Regardless of what we are carrying around it is not unhealthy to hold views or opinions. Just note that each one can weigh us down in its own way, therefore limiting us to fully tap into what we can do and how we can be. Each and every day, we want to strive to be the best ‘us’ we can be!

To help lessen some of your mental load, try to spend a few minutes reflecting on a particular concern or burden you are carrying.

Play with the idea of what it might be like tolet it go.’ Envision yourself being without that idea, memory, or view.

Then let it go.’ Take a deep breath… and release that load.

“When you let go you create space for something better.”


This upcoming week, I am encouraging everyone to tap into their kindness. The focus is: ‘All time can be “me time.”’ Our days are packed to the max with responsibilities and tasks and that can tend to get overwhelming at times. It is all too familiar to feel that we do not have nearly enough time for ourselves in our over-scheduled lives. Trust me, I can relate. Sometimes I find that I need more than twenty-four hours in my day in order to complete what I have on my to-do list.

This is where our “me time” comes into play. While we all have hectic schedules, we must make time for ourselves in our jam-packed days. “You can cultivate “me time” by establishing mindfulness in your body through a steady awareness of your breath or your posture” (Rohan Gunatillake). By being aware of your breath and/or your posture, you are choosing to make all time your time. You might notice that you are developing your own superpower by doing this!

“Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean me first, it means me too.”

L.R. Knost

No matter what you are doing, if you can set aside time to connect yourself to some aspect of your physical experience, you are already working toward being present around the clock.


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