BEST Board S ’24: Career-Wise Confidence Landed Annelise Miller Two Internships

In a recent conversation, Annelise Miller, a student staff writer with the Centennial Student Union’s Communication Office, shared that she didn’t feel she did anything to deserve being on the BEST Board.

“I beg to differ,” her nominator wrote. “Unlike some students who ask how they can get on the BEST Board, Annelise, in her unassuming way, continues to demonstrate how her work within the CSU and the MAVERICK INSIDER in particular, is deserving of recognition.”

Viewed as “someone with a real knack for writing,” Annelise was hired away from working retail in a Halloween novelty store to apply her talents for the CSU. Since Fall 2022, she has been sharing information with her fellow Mavericks in the weekly MAVERICK INSIDER student e-newsletter.

“She was more than eager to jump that ship and apply her passion for writing,” her nominator stated. “Since then, her prolific ability to churn out news copy now largely accounts for most of the stories found in the weekly MAVERICK INSIDER.”

Name: Annelise Miller
Hometown: Apple Valley, Minnesota
Major: Communications & Media Studies
Campus Involvement: CSU Communications Student Staff Writer
Graduation Date: May 2024

Reflecting on your time as a student employee in the student union, how do you believe these experiences have contributed to your college experience?

ANNELISE: “I was a transfer student, and I have lived off-campus my entire time here. It was a lot harder than I expected to get involved on campus. Getting hired in the CSU both gave me confidence in my skills and got me directly involved with so many events. I don’t think I would have found my place here without my job.”

How have those experiences contributed to your personal growth and development as an individual?

ANNELISE: “I have gained significant confidence career-wise, which has also made me more confident in my personal life. Despite being perfectly fine with rehearsed public speaking, I was uncomfortable with more one-on-one conversations. However, after doing things here such as interviewing people, I felt more comfortable with these types of conversations as time went on.”

How do you see yourself carrying the lessons and skills you gained from your student union work experience into your future endeavors or career path?

ANNELISE: “All of the skills I learned or improved on here directly relate to the skills needed for the career I want to pursue. In fact, what I have done here already landed me two different internships. Both directly mentioned my position/skills from this position here upon hiring.”

What advice would you give to fellow students in helping them make the most of their college experience?

ANNELISE: “Meet people and get involved. I cannot stress how helpful it is to have people/someone in your corner.

Throughout your college experience at Minnesota State Mankato, what has provided the greatest personal growth, memories, satisfaction and/or personal pride?

ANNELISE: “Just the fact that I came here. Before I transferred, I was getting my associate’s (degree) at a community college. There were not nearly as many opportunities as there are here. When I transferred here, I felt like I got to reinvent myself and improve my work ethic.”

Share a special “lifelong” memory of college you will take with you when you leave Minnesota State Mankato.†

ANNELISE: “I will always remember when I knew I was going to transfer here. I spent my second year of community college visiting my friends here at least once a month. Those were always the best parts of my months. I still think about it now, especially when I walk through parts of campus I frequented that year.”

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