College is a Garden…Dig it

by REED CARR, CSU Public Relations Student Intern

The mind of a college student can be a spooky place.

Many nights as I lay in bed, it kept churning – running through the countless textbooks that need reading, papers that need typing, and professors that need bribing. That doesn’t even count the mind clutter outside of school. Sometimes it seemed like anxiety was my job.

Do you sometimes feel the same? Don’t fret—such is life.

Throughout my college career, I’ve spent precious time asking what I thought were the world’s most fundamental questions; did I botch exam 2? Will the curve be in my favor? How late is Chipotle open?

All that time spent trying to predict my future was time I could have used to shape it. Luckily, I figured that out.

It has been over five years since I sat in my first college course. I’m less than 50 days from graduation, and the extra three semesters it took to get my bachelor’s degree turned out to be the most crucial. With help from friends and family, I discovered my drive to keep my head in the game.

When I found myself low on cash and motivation, I reminded myself about the reward at the end of the track. If I could finish school, I would get to write for a living. People would actually pay me money to do what I love!

Constantly reminding myself why I was putting in the hard work (and a steady flow of Steve Jobs quotes) made it possible.

So, dig your heels in and put your personal check marks by these tips:

  • Use the many helpful resources at MSU to your advantage.
  • Look to friends, professors, family and peers for support.
  • Constantly remind yourself why you’re seeking an education.

Before you know it, you’ll see the checkered flag in the distance, and the only thing keeping you up at night will be the image of yourself walking through a sea of black robes and square hats to receive your degree.

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