Recipe for a Timely Visit

by REED CARR, CSU Public Relations Student Intern

Your child’s first year of college is one of the most liberating and exciting adventures. For you, it may be the most nerve-racking. While it’s normal to feel anxious about sending your child into the world, it’s important to let them spread their wings. Giving them a chance to get comfortable in their new environment is imperative to their sense of independence.

Wait for family weekend.

Each year, about two months into the fall semester, MSU hosts a family weekend. Parents and siblings are welcome to visit their student for sports games, movies in Stomper’s Cinema and free billiards and bowling in the Bullpen. This two-month gap will give the student time to acclimate to college life without distraction.

No surprise appearances.

It may seem like a good idea to surprise them with a visit and a care package from home, but it’s best to tell them you’re coming; especially if they have a roommate. The dorm should be shared equally. College students are busy with homework and making friends—little time is spent cleaning and organizing their dorm. Your student would appreciate a heads up so they can tidy up and check their busy schedule.

Let the student plan the visit.

They have been exploring their new campus and city and they know some of the best pizza joints, state parks and hangouts. Let them take control of the visit so they can show you the ins and outs of what makes the city a fun place.

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